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22 December 2007 @ 12:43 am
Hey it's a tobi.  

So we decided Christmas is for christians. Lol. I mean, waiting for chirstmas is for christians. Christmas getting is for us too. 

So. Yeah. I got a laptop. My own laptop. His name is Tobi and he's really flirty and dorky and a little clumsy, but hes my favirote. I got a majority of my AMV stuff transfered except for a couple newer episodes, but all my music is moved. I have a pretty Lelouche wallpaper and I want to get it to say crazy shit when it turns on. All in good time.

So tobi is pretty sexy. I'm typing on him right now. 

I also got my NIPPON soccer shirt-thing and my manga drawing books. I also got a program on my computer that should let me make animations. Plus a new tablet. Very nice. 

AND....um. Gift card... Pants... and... computer fodder. Happenis. 

It's a late post. I'll let everyone absorb that because I feel like sleeping around now. 



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