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24 December 2007 @ 06:54 pm
Kerosene Dreams.  
 Went shopping today and got some movies. I saw X... Pretty much ruined my life like I thought it would. 

I also bought a bunch of pocky, and tomorrow, I'll probably watch Death Proof FINALLY.
Word on the Comic Con street is that Tarantino is going to make two anime prequels to Kill Bill. That would make my eyes bleed with Glee... 

Still need to see Battle Royale. At least the whole thing. It's not banned in this country right? What I saw was... Well... Interesting? 

Fuck. Viggo Mortensen is a scary fucker in Eastern Promises... Really, anybody who is russian and slicks their hair back is scary. Cuts peoples fingers off and puts cigarettes out on his own tongue. 

My pants are all wet from digging the car out of the snow and my stomach hurts really bad, but it does that a lot, so I don't care. 

Really happy I got like three new pairs of pants. I have so many pants now. At least eight. That's a LOT for me. And my clothes are stylish to a point which is really nice. It's superficial as hell, but its the truth. I like not only having Man-me-downs and clothes I got from name brand stores.

Been all over the tablet lately, and fucking my mind over with art and music without lyrics.

I really do realize now that I've become the person I've always wanted to be since probably 7th grade, but I'm not really that happy. It's scary. People always saw that the goal doesn't matter, it's the journey you took to get there. But the whole reason I have goals is to be happy; in a better place. 

It's rather disconcerting really. 

The path to adulthood is paved with good intentions.

Current Mood: stressedstressed